Strategic Focus on Costs


More and more companies are beginning to realize that cost management needs to be a key part of their business strategy.

For several industries, it is becoming more difficult to control project and product costs throughout the lifecycle. 


A gap often exists between employees from the various departments involved in the costing process.

  • Inconsistent understanding of Costs and variance calculations.

  • Competing goals between departments, areas, locations.

  • Information issues: lack of transparency, static calculations, no basis for simulations, unstructured and scattered data.

  • Incomplete reporting to Management.

  • No 360 degree view of Cost Management.

  • Priorities not aligned with Business Goals.

  • Stuck between customers and suppliers.


Technology Maturity

  • Innovation is no longer effective

  • Premium Quality + Competitive Prices

Changing Market Conditions

  • High flexibility

  • High response to customers demands

Maintain Relevance and Reliability

  • Competing for only a handful of large customers

  • Product quality and durability

  • Fluctuations in raw materials

  • How much does it cost.

  • Which are the impacts at the bottom line.

  • Lost opportunities, time to market, missed dates.

  • Rework, incorrect calculations, bad pricing.

  • No purchasing negotiations leverage.

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Strategic Planning

  • Overall Planning & Costing Strategies

  • Alignment of Business Models & Goals

  • Pricing & Purchasing Transparency

  • Complete and sound reporting to management.

Methodologies & IT Solutions


  • Fundamental Costing Models


Training & Sourcing

  • CEO & VP Advisory

  • Management & Operative Training

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DIEZ Consulting is a firm based in Monterrey, Mexico which offers Cost consulting services at a strategic level throughout Latin America.


Our focus is getting companies to obtain practical and precise cost information about their processes, products, and customers, using tools that allows them to achieve a true Strategic Cost Management, as the basis for a more efficient operation, price setting, profitability maximization and a high degree of competitiveness in their global markets.


We have over 25 years of experience in Costs, Finance, and Manufacturing management, in addition to having adopted the methodology and tools from FACTON GmbH ( as partners for innovation in the Strategic Cost Management for our clients.

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